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  • Area – 41,293 sq km (16,000 sq mi)
  • Population – 7.8 million (2010)
  • Capital – Berne
  • Currency – Swiss Franc (SFr)
  • Government – Seven Member Federal Council

Did you know?

  • Zurich, Berne and Geneva are all ranked in the top ten cities of the world according to the Mercer Human Resources Consulting Quality of Living Survey 2010.
  • Nestle is the largest company in Switzerland, yet more than 98% of its revenue comes from outside the country.
  • Switzerland manages about a third of all private and institutional offshore funds.
  • Switzerland is the second most densely forested country in Europe (30%).

Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps, the Central Plateau and the Jura.Switzerland’s tallest peak is over 15,000 ft. The tallest peak in the Alps is Mont Blanc at just under 16,000ft but that is in France. The Swiss lakes include Geneva and Constance with the river Rhine which is navigable to the north sea from Basel. For more information visit

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