Country Profile > Spain

  • Area – 504, 782 km2 (499,542 km2 is land and 5,240 km2 is water)
  • Population – 46.9 million (source INE Spainish National Statistics Office 2010)
  • Capital City – Madrid
  • Life Expectancy – 78 Male and 84 Femail (source World Health Organisation)
  • Head of State – King Juan Carlos I
  • Prime Minister – Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (PSOE)

Spain is the second largest country in the EU after France. It has a total surface area of 504,000 square kilometres. It comprises about 84% of the Iberian Peninsula. Spain’s borders are Andorra (63.7 km), France (623 km), Gibraltar (1.2 km), Portugal (1,214 km), Morocco (Ceuta) (6.3 km), Morocco (Melilla) (9.6 km).

As well as the mainland, the territory includes two island archipelagos – the Balearics and the Canaries – and two enclaves on the North African coast, bordering Morocco – Ceuta and Melilla.
The Spanish climate is temperate with hot summers but more moderate and cloudy along the coast; and cold winters in the interior, and partly cloudy and cool along the coast.

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